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DJ News and Promotions in St. Johnsbury, VT

Thanks for considering Mix It Up for your custom cake or wedding DJ needs! It’s been my goal to provide nothing short of a spectacular experience for all your events in and around the St. Johnsbury, VT, area. Whether you’re in need of an event DJ and throwing a baby shower, birthday party, memorial service, or another celebratory event, then you’re in the right place.

Alongside offering all of these services, on this page you’ll be able to keep up with the latest news, tips, and promotions that I’ll be offering to make your overall experience even better. Take a quick look at what I can offer you before you even call me for your first consultation!

Event DJ and Custom Cake “Tips”

Before you give me a call to DJ your event, here are some tips I’d recommend for event preparation. While some of these may seem a bit obvious, it never hurts to remind potential clients about them!

  • Plan ahead: Most wedding professionals begin booking out their dates a year in advance. If you wait until the last minute, you reduce your options for available vendors.
  • Music Selection: The wedding ceremony and the formal dances (First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance, as well as the Cake Cutting) highlight the wedding couple. The open dance floor allows your guests that travelled to celebrate your day with you to party and let their hair down. It is essential to have a good balance and flexibility with your music selection to appease your audience, which can span generations of musical styles.
  • Special Requests: Musically, some DJs are set in their ways and their playlists, wanting to play a set their way, and will refuse to take requests. If you allow song requests during your open dance floor, I will do my best to accommodate their selections to keep the dance floor hopping while also avoiding any songs that you have deemed “Do Not Play”. Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to hear the “Chicken Dance”. Am I right?
  • Custom Cakes: If you have an idea but aren’t sure if it will work out, ask. I am not here to judge on your taste preferences or artistic ideas. In fact, some of my best cakes have come from my clients brainstorming their ideas with me. With each new cake idea and challenge, my skills improve and my repertoire expands.
  • Communicate and prepare: The best way to ensure you have an event that matches your exact specifications is to give me as much detail and information as possible. There’s no such thing as too much. For the perfect live entertainment, update me as much as possible with any changes!
Baseball Booth

Latest Updates

Be sure to check back frequently to see what’s happening, look at my latest creations and picture yourself burning off some of that wedding cake in the dance floor images. I also encourage you to check out my Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about Mix It Up! and what my brand is all about.

Wedding DJ Services Promotions

If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s in word of mouth promotion. I can write as much text as I want on my website, but nothing makes me prouder and more accomplished than to hear back from my clients. That’s why I’m offering a promotion!

Cake referrals: If you refer my business to someone that orders a cake, you will earn a free $5.00 or $10.00 gift card to a local Vermont business (based on the size of cake purchased). Only one gift card issued per cake ordered. Call for further details.

Wedding / Event DJ referrals: If you refer my DJ services to someone that hires my services, the person referring will earn a free $25.00 gift card to a local Vermont business. Only one gift card issued per wedding / event. Call for further details.

If you have any other questions about my services, want the latest news, or more information in general, call me today at Mix It Up!

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