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Event DJ Services in St. Johnsbury, VT

Since 2013, Mix It Up! has been creating the soundtrack of my customer’s lives. Throughout the St. Johnsbury, VT area I use cutting edge sound equipment to infuse your event with the exact spirit you need. Do you have a video of your wedding or a slideshow with music? I can even plug your video device into my system for clear sound to provide a better experience for your guests! From elegant weddings to lively graduation parties, you won’t regret my professional event DJ services. For a free estimate on my services, just call today!

While I mainly provide DJ services at weddings, I can DJ all special events, including school events, birthdays, graduations, community events and all other celebrations. I bring a level of skill and musical knowledge that, combined with your personal taste and preferences, results in an unforgettable event for you and your guests.


Party Entertainment Services

Making sure you have the right wedding music can be difficult. Not only do you need to have enough songs for the entirety of the event, you need to make sure it matches the atmosphere and energy of the event. That’s why I help you in all the stages. From planning to the actual event, I’ll be there every step of the way to ensure timeless memories are made during your occasion.

I use cutting-edge equipment to surpass all your expectations. For DJ controlling, I use the Numark Mixdeck Four-Channel and 15-inch Thump speakers as well as a Shure wireless microphone. However, before the event, I can also visit the venue to see what equipment is best suited to your event and adapt as necessary. Whether you’re throwing a small celebration for close friends and family or a large, upscale wedding, I’ll make sure all the guests have a good time, even if there are unexpected “hiccups” during the event!

No matter what genre(s) you prefer, each and every performance that I put on is tailored specifically for your music tastes. But more importantly, I do more than just skip through songs on your playlist; I read the room and adapt your songs to match the energy and vibes of your guests, making sure it’s an unforgettable day. So if you’re looking for a DJ that will show off class, style, and elegance in a fun, engaging way, Mix It Up is right for you!

All Your DJ Needs

For all events, I’ll be dressed in a suit and tie, unless you specifically request otherwise. When possible, I’ll even try to match my tie to your wedding or event colors; it’s the small details that matter and help pull off the final look, after all!

If necessary, I can also handle all master of ceremonies duties as well as make any announcements and dedications you would like. I also work closely with your other wedding professionals, such as your photographers, caterers and wedding planners to provide a stress-free evening and make sure nothing is missed. I can also take special requests during your wedding or event, but the final choice and approval is always up to you. I look forward to working with you to create a phenomenal DJ experience for you and your guests! For more information about what I can do for you as your Wedding DJ or event DJ, get in touch with me at Mix It Up! today.

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